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  • Sally Beauty confirms payment card data breach

    Sally Beauty Holdings confirmed Monday that it fell victim to a data breach, an incident that may have coincided with a project to update point-of-sale terminals at its U.S. stores, a recent regulatory filing shows.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk18 March 14 00:40
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  • Why you need to care more about DNS

    When you say Domain Name System (DNS), you might think, naturally enough, of domain names and the technical details of running your Internet connection. You might be concerned about denial of service attacks on your website, or someone hijacking and defacing it.

    Written by Mary Branscombe15 July 15 23:57
  • 6 breaches: Lessons, reminders, and potential ways to prevent them

    Though all vastly different in scale and impact, the breaches at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Sally Beauty Supply, Starbucks, Anthem, Adult Friend Finder, and Penn State teach valuable lessons and reminders about security vulnerabilities and the need to do more to protect against attackers.

    Written by Kacy Zurkus17 June 15 04:33