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  • Seizing on Huawei's troubles, Samsung bets big on network gear

    Potential customers are taking notice of Samsung's efforts to reinvent itself as a top-tier supplier for 5G wireless networks and bridge a big gap with market leader Huawei and industry heavyweights Ericsson and Nokia.

    Written by Reuters16 Feb. 19 05:37
  • St John demonstrates the lifesaving power of digital tech

    The ICT team at St John talks about the steps leading to the delivery of the electronic Patient Report Form (ePRF), which has now been used over a million times by ambulance services across New Zealand.

    Written by Divina Paredes07 May 18 06:30
  • DeX gets an upgrade with the Samsung Galaxy S9

    A better camera and personalized emojis might headline the new features on Samsung's Galaxy S9, but there's are good reasons for enterprise users to take notice: a new version of its innovative DeX dock and upgrades to Knox.

    Written by Martyn Williams26 Feb. 18 04:00
  • Samsung's Note8 to debut in September

    Samsung's Note8 will launch in mid-September with a big screen, dual cameras, stylus and a hope that the smartphone maker can finally put the Note7 battery debacle behind it.

    Written by Martyn Williams24 Aug. 17 01:00
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