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  • Surveys: Employees at fault in majority of breaches

    A company's own employees are a significant factor in the majority of data breaches, either through malicious activity or avoidable mistakes, say two new studies, but companies aren't doing enough to address this issue.

    Written by Maria Korolov11 April 15 01:10
  • Health records are the new credit cards

    Forget credit card numbers. The hot new data for the modern bad guy is the electronic health record, which is not only worth more on the black market, but is easier to get.

    Written by Maria Korolov20 March 15 01:33
  • Personal weather stations can expose your Wi-Fi network

    In the latest Internet of Things security blunder, personal weather station devices made by Netatmo were found sending users' Wi-Fi passwords back to the company over unencrypted connections.

    Written by Lucian Constantin14 Feb. 15 02:50
  • Why the board of directors will go off on security in 2015

    Imagine it's the end of 2015 and you're about to read an expose from a fly on the wall at top closed-room board meetings across the enterprise discussing the state of information security. You're excited, right?

    Written by David Geer11 Dec. 14 02:35

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  • Top 20 Critical Security Controls - Compliance Guide

    Simply being compliant is not enough to mitigate attacks and protect critical information. Organizations can reduce chances of compromise by shifting away from a compliance-driven approach. This guide provides the Top 20 Critical Security Controls (CSCs) developed by the SANS Institute to address the need for a risk-based approach to security.