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  • Android stock browser vulnerable to URL spoofing

    A vulnerability in Android's default Web browser lets attackers spoof the URL shown in the address bar, allowing for more credible phishing attacks.

    Written by Lucian Constantin21 May 15 02:01
  • In desperation, many ransomware victims plead with attackers

    The shamelessness of ransomware pushers knows no bounds. After encrypting people's files and then holding them to ransom, they portray themselves as service providers offering technical support and discounts to their "customers."

    Written by Lucian Constantin19 May 15 02:03
  • Superfish injects ads in one in 25 Google page views

    Over five percent of browser visits to Google owned websites, including Google Search, are altered by computer programs that inject ads into pages. One called Superfish is responsible for a majority of those ad injections.

    Written by Lucian Constantin07 May 15 22:21