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  • How a hacker could cause chaos on city streets

    Traffic is chaotic enough in major cities, but imagine how much worse it would be if a criminal hacker got control of the traffic lights.

    Written by Antone Gonsalves30 Aug. 14 09:48
  • 4 lessons CIOs can learn from the Target breach

    Retail giant Target made headlines after announcing that 110 million Americans were affected by a massive data breach at its stores. If you want to avoid the same fate, pay attention to these four lessons learned in the wake of the Target breach.

    Written by Jonathan Hassell17 March 14 17:32
  • To be breached is human

    While the security industry likes to focus on application security and system vulnerabilities, as well as the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the tools used to defend IT systems -- the vulnerabilities that create real-world breaches are often created by the wetware between our ears -- not defective tools.

    Written by George V. Hulme21 May 11 06:06