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  • Are comatose servers your next big IT headache?

    Picture this. An executive at your organization gets an idea for a big project, one that adds a new product line to your company and could result in millions of additional dollars in revenue per year. The whole company is gung ho about this. The new mantra each workday is "what are we doing to advance Project X?" Cheers are sung each morning. And, of course, the IT team gets involved and spins up a number of servers, both physical and virtual, to help out the development team and put the new product or service into production.

    Written by Jonathan Hassell18 Aug. 15 00:49
  • Hosting firms have new answer to 'I want my own server'

    Virtualization is great and all, but sometimes a customer just wants their own server. For many companies, however, off-the-shelf servers are too big, too powerful and too hot-making the typical data-center fare too costly.

    Written by Robert Lemos25 June 09 05:06