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  • Fresh lease on life

    Legacy system has a persistent negative connotation, reinforcing the idea of a millstone around an organisation’s neck.
    The typical legacy system was developed many years ago under different business conditions with a more primitive technology — yet it (or more often part of it) is too valuable to the business to get rid of.

    Written by Stephen Bell and Lachlan Colquhoun02 July 07 22:00
Features about service oriented architecture
  • Disruptive programs

    IT managers are probably aware that their software environments may dramatically change over the next five years, but they may not be aware that the complexity and management costs associated with the adoption of next-generation software technologies could ultimately reduce a company's ability to innovate.
    Deployment of varying types and levels of software as a service, multiple flavours of service-oriented architectures and open source-based software can be expected to have a significant negative effect on many companies' abilities to be more broadly innovative. A review of customer, vendor and user announcements shows there is likely to be significant spending on and deployment of SaaS, open source and SOA over the next five years.

    Written by Chris Morris07 Aug. 07 22:00