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  • What to do when ICT contracts turn feral

    Sub–optimal outcomes in feral ICT contracts are avoidable – so why are they very common in the New Zealand business landscape? asks ICT lawyer Michael Wigley.

    Written by Michael Wigley08 June 16 06:00
  • Expect more ‘mega partnerships’ among technology vendors

    These partnerships, exemplified by SAP and IBM are generally “good news” for CIOs, but those whose providers are outside these agreements should carefully look at their contracts and SLAS, says Holger Mueller of Constellation Research.

    Written by Divina Paredes15 Oct. 14 12:18
  • Lessons on vendor management from a global IT manager

    In a high pressure environment, when an hour of connectivity downtime for customers can lead to a $200,000 SLA fine, Brett Hobbs of BCS Group knew finding the vendor that could meet this criteria was essential.

    Written by CIO New Zealand10 June 14 13:23
  • Helping Data Centers Cope With Big Data Workloads

    Big data workloads tend to suck up enormous amounts of compute resources, which can create serious log jams in your data center if the workloads aren't scheduled optimally. Adaptive Computing's Big Workflow is designed to leverage HPC and cloud technologies to help data centers adapt to big data.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud25 Feb. 14 18:03
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  • Cloud SLA: Another Point of View

    You've probably seen a hundred-or even a thousand-articles criticizing cloud computing Service Level Agreements (SLAs). A common example in those articles is the putatively low Amazon Web Services SLA. Typically authors of these kind of articles go on to cite recent outages by cloud providers, implying (or stating directly) that cloud computing falls woefully short of the true SLA requirements of enterprises, often described as "five nines," i.e., 99.999 per cent availability.

    Written by Bernard Golden17 Nov. 09 08:27

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