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  • PABX fraud on the rise

    Fraudsters are targeting unsecured PABXs in New Zealand and getting away with hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, it is said.
    Leaving your PABX unsecured is like leaving your PIN numbers or bank account details and access codes pinned to your front door, says the Telecommunications Industry Group (TIG).

    Written by CIO New Zealand20 Aug. 10 22:00
  • New market in corporate cyberspace emerges

    When Google announced that users of its Gmail services or Picasa web albums could buy extra online storage it sent up a flare about the way data storage might work in the future. The announcement signalled the emergence of what might become the storage-as-a-service market.
    Google's Gmail and Picasa users have had 2.8 gigabyte and 1 gigabyte of free storage, now they can buy more - starting at $US20 ($23.80) a year for another 6 gigabytes. It's cheap and fuss-free.

    Written by Beverley Head29 Sept. 07 22:00