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  • The enterprise iPad frenzy

    Last summer, KLA-Tencor, a Silicon Valley semiconductor equipment maker, rebounded from the market doldrums to post annual revenues of US$1.8 billion. The happy CEO surprised the company's 5,400 employees by telling them that they would each be rewarded with a shiny, new iPad.
    "The whole euphoria of an iPad started, and we had to get into high gear," says CIO Ashwin Ballal, charged with the massive iPad rollout. "That's when my nightmare began."

    Written by Tom Kaneshige25 Jan. 11 22:00
  • Office shackles or tool for work-life balance?

    Any and all executives or managers looking to get more productivity from their information workers - and, really, what company isn't shamelessly espousing a "more with less" philosophythese days? - might want to pay attention to the following strategy: Set your workers free from the office.
    "Teleworking," or working from home/Starbucks/not-within-corporate-walls, of course, is nothing new. High-powered laptops, ubiquitous broadband and Wi-Fi connections, and even-my-grandmother-has-one cell phones have all enabled a seamless virtual work-experience for the modern employee.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum03 Jan. 10 22:00