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  • Five hot tech projects to boost your career

    Too many projects, too little time: That's the sad lament of many IT professionals who must constantly balance the needs of the enterprise against the desires of business users - all while keeping a close eye on the newest technologies coming at them from every direction.

    Written by Dan Tynan06 Nov. 11 22:00
  • Culture shift

    With information technology budgets worldwide predicted to show some signs of life this year, albeit a gradual recovery, it's time for a reassessment of technology priorities - and local IT executives are better positioned than most.
    But organisations are on the precipice of a fundamental cultural shift in the way their employees use information technology in the workplace - and corporate success will hinge on the ability to embrace and leverage that new engagement, at least one industry expert maintains.

    Written by Rachael Bolton05 May 10 22:00
  • A new set of tools

    It's growing like Topsy and it's here to stay, for now, but the spread and popularity of social media raises an important question for commercial enterprises: what are the risks to a company's share price and reputation if the opinion-driven, sometimes truth-defiant world of blogging, tweeting and posting is not carefully monitored?
    Protecting corporate reputation is one thing. Managing corporate information,especially of the kind that falls into the category of continuous disclosure, is another.

    Written by Ann-Maree Moodie05 May 10 22:00