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  • Cyber threats spook tech companies

    Recent high-profile data breaches have clearly spooked a lot of companies, many of which expect to face cyber threats in the coming year. And security executives are spending more time advising senior executives and other top business decision makers at their organization on security-related matters.

    Written by Bob Violino12 Nov. 14 02:40
  • What to do in the aftermath of the JPMorgan breach

    The compromise of 10s of millions of JPMorgan Chase accounts poses the greatest risk of phishing attacks on consumers and small businesses, experts say.

    Written by Antone Gonsalves04 Oct. 14 10:22
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  • Social engineering stories from the front lines

    It's always amazing how little attention social engineering attacks get when discussing enterprise information security risks. After all, it's usually easier to get an unsuspecting employee to click on a link than it is to find an exploitable vulnerability on a reasonably hardened webserver. Social engineering attacks come from many different angles: from targeted e-mails, phone call pretexting, or acting like a service technician or other innocuous person to obtain access to the IT resources and data they seek.

    Written by George V. Hulme30 Jan. 15 06:42
  • Social Engineering: The dangers of positive thinking

    CSO Online recently spoke to a person working in the security field with a rather unique job. He's paid to break into places, such as banks and research facilities (both private and government), in order to test their resistance to social engineering and physical attacks.

    Written by Steve Ragan06 Jan. 15 03:17
  • 3 low-tech threats that lead to high-profile breaches

    In an age where data security defenses are getting more and more sophisticated, there will be increased pressure for malicious parties to glean information from within the organization's walls or public places.

    Written by Larry Ponemon17 Dec. 14 05:57

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