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  • Wikileaks publishes hacked Sony emails, documents

    Wikileaks has published a searchable database of thousands of emails and documents from Sony Pictures Entertainment that were leaked in late 2014 after the studio was attacked by hackers.

    Written by Martyn Williams17 April 15 03:35
  • Russian hackers have a foothold in Sony Pictures' network, security firm says

    Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) might have a second security breach on its hands, or maybe the hackers from November's scandalous attack are still inside the company systems, according to a security firm that claims to have seen evidence of Russian hackers having access to SPE internal data.

    Written by Lucian Constantin05 Feb. 15 06:37
  • Sony's Hirai praises staff in hack, hails freedom of speech

    Sony's CEO finally broke his weeks-long silence on the hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment, saying he's proud of its staff and partners for standing up to "extortionist efforts of criminals" and for getting "The Interview" to audiences.

    Written by Tim Hornyak06 Jan. 15 16:53
  • Google in tussle with state attorney general after Sony leaks

    The recent data breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment has prompted a war of words between Google and the U.S movie industry, with the Internet giant accusing a state attorney general of collaborating with movie studios in a copyright enforcement campaign against it.

    Written by Grant Gross24 Dec. 14 07:38
  • US lawmaker asks Sony for details on data breach

    A senior U.S. lawmaker wants Sony Pictures Entertainment to provide details about its recent data breach and its cybersecurity practices, saying the information will help Congress decide whether new laws are needed.

    Written by Grant Gross24 Dec. 14 05:05
  • Attackers knock PlayStation Network offline for hours

    Many gamers couldn't access Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) for hours on Sunday evening after an apparent attack against the service. The PlayStation Store was also reportedly affected.

    Written by Lucian Constantin09 Dec. 14 03:14
  • North Korea unlikely to be behind Sony Pictures attacks

    North Korea is most likely not responsible for the cyberattacks against Sony Pictures Entertainment, which saw thousands of sensitive internal documents released on the Web in a high-profile strike, experts said.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk and Martyn Williams04 Dec. 14 17:49