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  • The art of leading high-performing teams

    High-performing teams share a number of key attributes that enable members to function optimally both as individuals and as a team, which are important to foster in your own IT department.

    Written by Bard Papegaaij24 Aug. 15 05:37
  • 8 tips for finding and managing programmers

    Demand for top software engineering talent is going through the roof, which makes recruiting and keeping exceptional developers one of a CIO's biggest challenges.. This is especially true if you happen to be in a location where you are competing for talent with a tech giant like Oracle or Google.

    Written by Paul Rubens23 May 15 02:07
  • Why You Need to Build Career Paths for Nonmanagers

    People are motivated by different incentives, both in their personal lives and in their careers. And that holds true for IT professionals and developers as well. You may not dream of being the boss or the CEO, but not because you don't like money or power. In many cases, it's simply because you don't like to rely on other people to get the job done and that is largely what being a manager is about.

    Written by Rich Hein02 Dec. 14 03:11
  • 11 Job Search Mistakes That Can Kill Your Chances

    Even the savviest job seeker is bound to make a mistake here and there, but in a highly competitive talent market, a small mistake could cost you the job of your dreams.

    Written by Sharon Florentine26 Nov. 14 02:32
  • CIOs Should Focus on Their Workplace Legacies

    Business coach and psychologist Andrew Thorn wants leaders -- both people in positions of authority and those who influence in their everyday roles -- to think beyond business results to focus on the legacy they create. Thorn lays out his ideas in his new book, Leading With Your Legacy in Mind: Building Lasting Value in Business and Life.

    Written by Mary K. Pratt30 Oct. 14 00:23
  • Why Ruby Is the Crown Jewel in a Developer's Resume

    Over the last five years, demand for Ruby on Rails skills has quadrupled and is proving to be a lucrative feather in the cap of developers, according to data from PayScale, an online salary, benefits and compensation information company.

    Written by Sharon Florentine10 Oct. 14 05:12
  • 6 hot new IT roles for 2015

    The pace of change in IT has always been brisk, but technology advances such as virtualization, the cloud, service management and a focus on information management and collaboration have forced businesses into a dead sprint to keep up. And as technology changes, so do the skills, knowledge and job roles needed to design, build, implement and manage these cutting-edge technologies. The majority of IT organizations aren't prepared for the battle, even as the war for talent rages on.

    Written by Sharon Florentine08 Sept. 14 23:18
  • How C-Level Execs Can Learn to Speak Digital

    When executives and IT teams aren't speaking the same language, projects fail, time and money are wasted, and collaboration and productivity suffer. But Decoded is looking to help overcome the "language barrier" and enhance collaboration between IT teams and C-level executives through one-day digital literacy classes.

    Written by Sharon Florentine05 Sept. 14 01:14
  • How Far Will Businesses Go to Lure Developers

    From sign-on bonuses to long-term equity bonus incentives to perks such as paying for the lease on a new Tesla, firms are upping the ante to attract and hire elite software development talent in a tight market.

    Written by Sharon Florentine20 Aug. 14 06:26
  • How to judge a job candidate's personality (and why you should)

    As an increasing number of companies are focusing on personality traits and potential cultural fit when hiring. These new interviewing tactics are designed to help recruiters and hiring managers uncover who candidates are -- rather than just what they can do.

    Written by Sharon Florentine23 July 14 14:21
  • 3 Ways to Spot a Bad Boss Before You Take the Job

    Everyone suffers under a bad manager - morale sinks, productivity tanks, absences increase. Even those above a bad manager in the corporate hierarchy feel the impact; executives must dedicate time to resolving conflicts, and often end up assuming the role and responsibility for those who aren't adequately doing their job, says says Patty Azzarello, CEO of Azzarello Group, and a business advisor, author and executive.

    Written by Sharon Florentine16 July 14 01:10
  • Intensive Interview Process Ensures You Hire Top Tech Talent

    While many organizations struggle to retain top talent in a tight employment market, some firms are using intensive, rigorous hiring and training practices to ensure both that their hires are the right fit and that the employee stays for the long term.

    Written by Sharon Florentine11 July 14 04:21
  • 10 tips to attract women to infosec jobs

    Women make up just 11 percent of information security professionals. Just increasing that number to 22 percent would solve the industry's staffing shortage problem.

    Written by Maria Korolov06 May 14 04:54