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  • Target: Compounding organisational learning

    Success in the modern digital economy is substantially a matter of getting started earlier and learning faster. Try new things. Discover what works and do more of it. Discover what doesn’t work and do less of it.

    Written by Dr Steve Hodgkinson25 Nov. 13 06:00
  • Drop the Web 2.0 myths

    When Enterprise 2.0 first hit the radar, many of us were excited by the new social collaboration tools and their power to usher in new collaborative behaviours.
    Some of this promise has indeed been realised. The market for Enterprise 2.0 software is strong and growing, with social computing functionality such as profiles, wikis, blogs, microblogs, tagging, and presence now widely available, both in specialized Enterprise 2.0 products and embedded into office productivity and unified communications suites.

    Written by Steve Hodgkinson09 Aug. 10 22:00