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  • BlackBerry CEO Chen on his plan to win back enterprise customers

    Recently-installed BlackBerry CEO John Chen is on a mission to restore the ailing company to financial health, largely by restoring faith in BlackBerry among corporate CIO's and other traditional enterprise customers.

    Written by Matt Hamblen07 Jan. 14 22:26
  • BlackBerry has high hopes for 2014

    After a nearly disastrous year and facing an expected negative earnings report Friday, BlackBerry hopes to start 2014 on a more positive note with its news interim CEO and a commitment to help developers more easily port Android apps to the BlackBerry World app store.

    Written by Matt Hamblen19 Dec. 13 22:33
  • BlackBerry now seeks lenders not buyers ... and new CEO

    Foundering BlackBerry has given up for now on finding a buyer. Instead the smartphone company is seeking an infusion of cash from some investors, and shaking up its board and executive leadership.

    Written by John Cox04 Nov. 13 18:10
  • SAP bets on HTML5, open source for its mobile app platform

    SAP is planning to rely heavily on HTML5 and open standards within its products for building mobile applications, and is embracing the concept of BYOT (bring your own tools) in order to draw interest from developers.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus22 Oct. 13 19:52