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  • Many connected-home devices lack robust security features, security firm claims

    According to a report released this morning by security provider Veracode, many of the Internet of Things devices that consumers are buying for their increasingly connected homes are vulnerable to hacker exploits. While Veracode looked at different devices and vulnerabilities, its overall findings mirror those by Synack, which we reported on last month.

    Written by Jake Widman08 April 15 03:25
  • Apple security checks may miss iWorm malware

    Apple's security technologies for Mac OS X may still miss iWorm, a piece of malware discovered in late September that infected thousands of computers.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk05 Nov. 14 13:39
  • Is your Dropcam live feed being watched by someone else?

    Dropcam, the popular video monitoring camera, bills itself as "super simple security." But a pair of researchers plan to show at the Defcon hacking conference later this week how having a Dropcam could get a lot more complicated.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk04 Aug. 14 14:00