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  • The Takeaway: Tech bubble redux?

    The last time a tech bubble burst, markets fell, start-ups failed, IT unemployment shot up and undergraduate enrollments in computer science fell off a cliff.

    Written by Ken Mingis28 July 15 05:04
  • The Takeaway: Microsoft begins its Windows 10 push

    On the same day it announced that Windows 10 will officially be available July 29, Microsoft activated its expected "nag" campaign to push users to upgrade this summer.

    Written by staff02 June 15 02:59
  • What the Sony breach means for security in 2015

    The recent (and perhaps ongoing) Sony breach was certainly one of the worst corporate data breaches we have seen to date. As 2014 draws to a close, no one knows the details with certainty of who the perpetrator was. Even so, it's undeniable that it's a breach that will forever change the way Sony does business.

    Written by Ben Rothke24 Dec. 14 06:11
  • Cyber threats spook tech companies

    Recent high-profile data breaches have clearly spooked a lot of companies, many of which expect to face cyber threats in the coming year. And security executives are spending more time advising senior executives and other top business decision makers at their organization on security-related matters.

    Written by Bob Violino12 Nov. 14 02:40
  • Cybersecurity 2014: Breaches and costs rise, confidence and budgets are low

    In 2014, it seemed that no industry went unscathed. The data breaches this year were broad and deep. Software maker Adobe was hit for 152 million records. Online marketplace eBay was drained of another 145 million; Bank and financial services firm JP Morgan Chase 76 million; retailers Target and The Home Depot for another 70.

    Written by George V. Hulme06 Nov. 14 07:05
  • Obama signs Executive Order to bolster federal credit card security

    On Friday, at the headquarters of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, President Obama signed an Executive Order that will add chip-and-PIN protections (EMV) to federal credit cards starting in January. The President encouraged the financial and retail sectors to follow suit.

    Written by Steve Ragan20 Oct. 14 21:40
  • Obama orders chip-and-PIN in government credit cards

    President Barack Obama issued an executive order on Friday to have secure chip-and-PIN technology embedded into government-issued credit and debit cards as part of a broader move aimed at stemming payment data breaches.

    Written by Zach Miners18 Oct. 14 12:00