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  • In depth: How to run successful ICT graduate programmes

    Our latest CIO survey across ANZ finds less than a fifth of organisations have an ICT graduate programme. We talk to industry leaders on how to run a successful programme in your own organisation.

    Written by Divina Paredes21 Feb. 19 10:00
  • The 11 biggest issues IT faces today

    From securing IoT to retraining IT talent to finding new revenue streams, CIOs have more than their share of concerns keeping them up at night

    Written by Paul Heltzel18 Feb. 19 07:42
  • CIO spotlight: Glen McLatchie of SkyCity

    This CIO’s success calls for a balancing act in the era of unceasing change - transforming the ICT function in an organisation that is facing a raft of disruption

    Written by Divina Paredes29 Jan. 19 06:30
  • CIO upfront: Inside a different kind of IT bootcamp

    I recently ran a couple of sessions to help skilled migrants find jobs in Wellington. The experience highlighted key challenges the ICT sector needs to tackle as it prepares the workforce for unceasing change

    Written by Sunit Prakash26 Nov. 18 06:30