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  • How to build a ‘portfolio career’

    Getting to the C-level is not always the end goal, and more CIOs are charting their own career roadmap, says Oliver Hawkley of Kerridge & Partners.

    Written by Divina Paredes27 Nov. 15 07:30
  • Wanted: project managers

    How can today’s organisations attract and retain the best candidates for the role? Ben Mulligan, director of Infuse Recruitment, shares some insights.

    Written by Divina Paredes04 June 14 10:32
  • CIOs say mentoring works, classes don’t

    A survey of 200 CIOs finds that most well-meaning efforts at IT leadership development aren’t very successful.

    Written by Brendan Mcgowan03 Sept. 13 06:33
  • Demand for technical and professional staff

    Managers, professionals and technical staff are in short supply as the country emerges from the global recession, according to a local human resources firm.
    These are the findings of an interim study by Clarian Human Resources, which is a follow up to the Great New Zealand Employment Survey (GNZES) it conducted in late 2009.

    Written by CIO New Zealand19 Oct. 10 22:00
  • People before technology

    The value of people was one of the key messages put across at the CIO Asia Breakfast Roundtable held at the Ritz Carlton Jakarta recently.
    Sponsored by Microsoft Services, the topic was ‘Making Better Decisions: Using Business Intelligence, Collaboration and Unified Communications to Capitalise on Economic Recovery’.

    Written by Gerald Wee18 May 10 22:00
  • Malcontents have most to contribute

    Every company has workers on the outer, says John van Maanen, sociologist professor from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.
    "As organisations grow and the distance between senior management and the people who are doing the work becomes so extreme, senior managers live in a world that really is quite different, and they see a world which is in some way fantasy, " he said.

    Written by David Gadd27 Feb. 10 22:00
  • Doctor Happy looks on the bright side

    If a happy worker is a productive worker then positive psychology could be one way for organisations to squeeze more out of their staff budgets, and the economic downturn appears to be encouraging more businesses to test the premise.
    The University of Technology, Sydney, is running what is believed to be the first short university course in positive psychology that is open to the public. Strong demand suggests businesses are hoping to inject positivity back into the workplace.

    Written by Rachel Lebihan10 Oct. 09 22:00
  • What ICT staff want in a volatile economy

    A survey conducted by Gartner earlier this year pinpointed the staffing conundrum facing CIOs today: It's hard to reward and retain key IT staff who weren't laid off from their organisations when there's no money in the IT budget for raises.
    Technology professionals polled by IT job board in July have a clear solution to that problem. When asked what companies could offer in lieu of a salary increase to reward and motivate them, the 431 IT professionals who took the survey indicated that they want their employers to give them a sense of stability in a volatile economy or more flexibility.

    Written by Meridith Levinson11 Aug. 09 22:00