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  • Ways to get a bigger bang for your IT buck

    Getting maximum results from innovative IT investments is an art. Business users may need incentives to take advantage of new capabilities that wait to be exploited.

    Written by Rick Swanborg15 May 11 22:00
  • Travelling targets

    Along with the imminent opening of its upgraded and expanded international terminal, Sydney Airport now has a new business analysis system, one that allows its management to understand much more than just the comings and goings of passengers.
    The new system has given the business a better understanding of customer needs and preferences and will help to grow revenue not just for the corporation, but for the 500 other businesses operating at the airport.

    Written by Alexandra Cain11 May 10 22:00
  • The constant challenges facing NZ CIOs

    Controlling/reducing costs, recruiting and retaining skilled staff and meeting users’ expectations have been the top challenges facing New Zealand CIOs in the past two years, IDC reports.
    The difference, with this year’s report however, lies in the ranking of these criteria, as revealed in the latest Australia and New Zealand's Forecast for Management Survey.

    Written by Divina Paredes09 May 10 22:00
  • ANZ tech reform gets going under renewed scrutiny

    Australia and New Zealand Banking Group has quietly kicked off an internal review of its $768 million-a-year technology operations in Australia and Asia, just two weeks after the arrival of its new chief information officer, Anne Weatherston, from the Bank of Ireland.
    The bank is looking at how to structure its technology purchasing to underpin wider operations over the next few years, including the role of its Bangalore-based software factory that employs about 4000 people.

    Written by Julian Bajkowski06 April 10 22:00
  • Let it reign

    The concept of an infinitely flexible, agile, mobile, enterprise-friendly, omnipotent provider of all IT needs is as elusive as it is attractive. In many ways it was fitting that it should end up with the moniker cloud computing - a joke that cannot be lost on vendor executives charged with selling the nascent concept to suspicious information chiefs during the past couple of years.
    Elastic resource provisioning, software as a service, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, pay-per-use servers and storage - cloud computing means different things to different people depending on the specific demands of their business.

    Written by Rachael Bolton10 March 10 22:00