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  • 23 signs your cloud project may be in trouble

    On many an old map, unknown territories were marked, 'Here be dragons!' Sure, it's actionable, but it's not very informative. Centuries later, do we have the same problem with software project management? Here's how to slay the dragons that threaten to set your cloud projects aflame.

    Written by David Taber06 Feb. 14 09:48
  • 5 Things IT Pros Need to Know About SaaS Governance

    Software as a service is here to stay. So CIOs need the tools to manage their sprawling portfolios of SaaS applications with the same rigor they use for on-premise software.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus26 Feb. 13 16:14
  • Strategies for pruning data in the Cloud

    Year after year, the cost of disk space has plummeted. Since you can pick up a terabyte for $50, it's often seemed a false economy to be careful with storage.

    Written by David Taber10 Nov. 11 08:49
  • How to build a turnkey private and hybrid cloud

    The hype around cloud computing is hard to ignore and as each vendor is trying to put the word "cloud" in front of all its products, enterprises are finding it extremely difficult to sift through the noise and really find which products work best specifically for their data center.

    Written by Garima Thockchom22 Sept. 11 00:00
  • How to plan now for hybrid cloud management

    There's no question that cloud computing will be the trend to alter organizations' infrastructure the most over the next few years, especially as firms transition from basic server virtualization to the private cloud. But today these environments are still relatively immature, acting as two distinct entities; applications are deployed in one or the other. But private cloud will not be the end of the road for cloud computing. Over the next three years, leading edge IT shops will start blurring the boundaries between public and private IaaS environments, so that applications can move between them based on immediate needs and economics-known as hybrid cloud. Enterprise architects can begin planning for this now by creating a road map that lays out the necessary capabilities for a hybrid cloud and using these to evaluate the capabilities provided by today's vendors and products.

    Written by Galen Schreck04 May 11 02:19
  • How SaaS will impact six key software categories

    As more sourcing executives consider incorporating SaaS solutions into their overall technology vendor landscape, the potential to significantly disrupt the current software market grows. And while SaaS adoption is expected to expand in the coming years, the challenge for sourcing professionals will be a lack of uniform adoption across the whole software market. In some software categories, SaaS will be a disruptive technology, in others the only option, and in many cases SaaS will have minimal impact.

    Written by Liz Herbert and Andrew Bartels, Forrester Research02 March 11 06:12
  • Is your private cloud defensive or responsive?

    A strong minority of enterprise IT shops are prioritizing the development of a private cloud, but Forrester surveys suggest these moves will fail. The reason lies in the motivation behind these efforts and the focus. Most are building private clouds to keep their developers from going to the public cloud and are focused on the physical aspects of the cloud, not the operations - and it's the operations that make the cloud.

    Written by James Staten13 Jan. 11 08:23