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  • Think that software library is safe to use? Not so fast!

    In today's world of agile software development and fast release cycles, developers increasingly rely on third-party libraries and components to get the job done. Since many of those libraries come from long-running, open-source projects, developers often assume they're getting well-written, bug-free code. They're wrong.

    Written by Lucian Constantin31 Dec. 14 04:34
  • Security vendor coalition cleans 43,000 malware infections used for cyberespionage

    A coalition of security vendors has disrupted the activities of a sophisticated group of attackers tied to China that, over the past six years, infiltrated the computers of many Fortune 500 companies, journalists, environmental groups, software companies, academic institutions, pro-democracy groups and government agencies around the world.

    Written by Lucian Constantin29 Oct. 14 03:05