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  • Locky ransomware activity ticks up

    Locky, a new family of ransomware that emerged in the last few weeks, has quickly made a mark for itself.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk10 March 16 13:40
  • RubyGems DNS flaw now patched after second try

    A revised patch has been released for a flaw in the distribution platform for Ruby applications, RubyGems, which could be used to deliver malware to someone trying to download a program.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk23 June 15 12:27
  • Cybercriminals increasingly target point of sales systems

    The data breach landscape could look very different in the future with the increased adoption of chip-enabled payment cards in North America -- but for now point-of-sale systems account for the majority of breaches there, compared to a tiny minority in other regions of the world.

    Written by Lucian Constantin10 June 15 00:00
  • Malware campaign inflated views of pro-Russia videos

    A botnet designed for Web advertising fraud was also used to nudge up the number of views of some pro-Russian videos on the website DailyMotion, according to security vendor Trustwave.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk01 May 15 14:44
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