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  • The AI fad that is fooling everyone

    How less developed companies are falling for the AI fad so they can persuade others that they are innovating

    Written by Bradley de Souza26 Sept. 18 06:30
  • Where ICT needs to evolve, fast

    Industry leaders talk about shifting mindsets and taking steps to foster diversity and inclusion in the sector

    Written by Divina Paredes24 Sept. 18 06:30
  • Why is innovation so challenging? A CIO in-depth report

    Balancing innovative projects with keeping the lights on responsibilities is the reality for most CIOs today. Our research suggests that tackling this challenge successfully requires adopting a two-step strategy that can apply to organisations across sectors and geographies.

    Written by Dr Ilan Oshri18 June 18 10:00
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  • Mobile Apps Require Customer-First Thinking

    CIOs who want to create beloved mobile apps will need to do things that are highly unusual in IT: Go on sales calls, ride along in the service trucks and watch consumers talk in focus groups about what they hate about your business.

    Written by By Mitch Betts21 Aug. 14 00:42