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  • On-Demand Economy: Creating Entrepreneurship or Exploitation?

    Depending on who you ask, the proliferation of the on-demand economy will either create a Dickensian-era nightmare of unregulated capitalism that will eviscerate workers rights and the gains of labor unions or it will usher in an employee-centered utopia in which workers control all aspects of their working life and work-life balance issues vanish.

    Written by Sharon Florentine24 Feb. 15 08:03
  • Uber increases funding round by $1B to meet investor demand

    The prospect of government oversight and steady stream of security issues facing Uber haven't scared investors from the ride-hailing company, which will expand its latest round of venture funding by US$1 billion.

    Written by Fred O'Connor20 Feb. 15 04:19
  • Buying Uber might give Google a ride into the future

    Google CEO Larry Page likes to talk about taking "big bets" into new areas like driverless cars and delivery services. An acquisition of Uber might be a gamble that could pay off for both companies.

    Written by Zach Miners04 Feb. 15 13:51
  • Uber to develop self-driving cars, butting heads with Google

    Uber is joining forces with Carnegie Mellon University to open a research center that will develop self-driving cars, expanding its business in a new direction and opening a potential rift with Google.

    Written by Zach Miners03 Feb. 15 12:31
  • Uber will fight to keep its Boston ride data private

    Earlier this month, Uber agreed to provide Boston city officials a wealth of ride data to help them make better planning decisions -- but it will go to considerable lengths to ensure that data is not made public.

    Written by Fred O'Connor31 Jan. 15 08:54
  • Uber passenger who alleged Delhi rape sues in US

    A passenger who says she was raped and sexually assaulted by an Uber driver in New Delhi has sued Uber in a U.S. court, alleging that the company was negligent and that its commitment to passenger safety comes second to profits.

    Written by Martyn Williams30 Jan. 15 09:31
  • Uber applies for license in Delhi under new conditions

    Banned from Delhi in December after the alleged rape of a woman passenger by one of its drivers, Uber has applied for a license under the city's revised Radio Taxi Scheme that places tighter controls on taxi operators.

    Written by John Ribeiro23 Jan. 15 18:39
  • Google, Facebook, Apple spent record amounts on lobbying in 2014

    The tech industry's most influential companies spent record amounts of money on federal lobbying in 2014 despite a general drop in lobbying by most tech companies. The spending was often directed at areas away from the central business of technology, and it indicates how diverse and powerful major tech companies are becoming.

    Written by Martyn Williams22 Jan. 15 12:41
  • Uber gives Boston the gift of data

    Boston city officials will be the first to dip their fingers into Uber's pot of data, under new plans laid out by the mobile car-summoning service.

    Written by Zach Miners14 Jan. 15 07:36
  • Uber temporarily suspends service in Portland

    Uber is suspending its service in Portland, Oregon, for the next three months while city regulators there work to reframe local laws around taxis and car hailing apps.

    Written by Zach Miners19 Dec. 14 11:01
  • Uber driver in Boston area faces rape charges

    An Uber driver in the Boston area is facing rape and other charges for allegedly beating and sexually assaulting a passenger earlier this month.

    Written by Grant Gross19 Dec. 14 04:20