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  • ‘A robot stole my job!’

    How can organisations manage employee fears regarding the introduction of AI? Kylie Dunn, Liz Blythe, Laura Cole and Zoe Sims of Russell McVeagh share some pointers.

    Written by CIO New Zealand14 March 19 06:30
  • The top CIO trend for 2019? The need to

    Pressure to adapt skill sets to new technologies, and the threat of automation of some jobs mean that every professional must now ensure their own skill set does not become obsolete

    Written by CIO New Zealand20 Dec. 18 10:00
  • 10 must-have skills for ITSM pros

    If you work in IT service management, these are the 10 skills you’ll need in order to be successful in the years ahead.

    Written by Sarah K. White27 Oct. 18 01:43