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  • US govt guide aims to bolster security of mobile devices used in health care

    Health care providers are increasingly using smartphones and tablets for tasks such as accessing and transferring medical records, and submitting prescriptions, but these devices may not be secure enough to protect sensitive medical information from hackers.

    Written by Fred O'Connor25 July 15 04:33
  • NIST taking input for mobile security guidelines

    The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is developing a guide for testing third-party apps to ensure that they are secure and don't introduce any vulnerabilities.

    Written by Joab Jackson22 Aug. 14 06:03
  • NSA surveillance already hurting US vendors, trade group says

    The U.S. Congress needs to help restore global trust in the nation's technology vendors by reining in surveillance programs at the National Security Agency, an industry representative told lawmakers Tuesday.

    Written by Grant Gross04 Feb. 14 22:49
  • US NIST recommends ways businesses can improve cybersecurity

    Businesses that want to improve their cybersecurity posture can take a number of steps, including conducting a risk assessment and prioritizing ways to address gaps in their security, a U.S. agency said in recommendations released Tuesday.

    Written by Grant Gross22 Oct. 13 19:44
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  •'s problems: What we know so far

    More than a month after it went live, a couple of large questions remain about the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' botched launch of

    Written by Grant Gross07 Nov. 13 17:48