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  • Lawmakers call for investigation of Verizon supercookies

    Government agencies should investigate whether Verizon Wireless' use of so-called supercookies to track the online activities of its subscribers amount to privacy violations, three U.S. senators said Friday.

    Written by Grant Gross07 Feb. 15 05:06
  • US takes another shot at stopping warrantless reading of emails

    Legislation that aims to put a stop to warrantless reading of emails got a fillip Wednesday with bills introduced both in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives to amend the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

    Written by John Ribeiro05 Feb. 15 17:48
  • FCC chairman doesn't plan to release net neutrality order before vote

    The chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has no plans to release the text of his proposed net neutrality order before a scheduled commission vote on it later this month, despite a request from some Republican lawmakers to do so.

    Written by Grant Gross04 Feb. 15 03:28
  • US Senator introduces bill to block FBI backdoor access

    U.S. Senator Ron Wyden on Thursday introduced a bill that would prevent the government from forcing companies to design backdoors or security vulnerabilities into their products to aid surveillance.

    Written by John Ribeiro05 Dec. 14 16:32
  • US Senate fails to move forward on NSA reform bill

    The U.S. Senate has voted against a bill that would rein in the National Security Agency's bulk collection of telephone records within the country, possibly killing any NSA reforms until next year.

    Written by Grant Gross19 Nov. 14 12:15
  • Obama backs passing of NSA reform legislation by Senate

    The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama urged the Senate to pass the USA Freedom Act, which would curb the bulk collection of telephone records by the National Security Agency in the wake of widespread concerns about potential violations of privacy.

    Written by John Ribeiro18 Nov. 14 18:11
  • Tech, digital rights groups applaud Senate move on NSA reform

    Several technology and digital rights groups have praised a U.S. Senate move toward passing legislation that would rein in the National Security Agency's domestic telephone records collection program.

    Written by Grant Gross14 Nov. 14 05:06
  • Senator wants Whisper to explain how it tracks users, shares their data

    Social media app Whisper, a supposedly anonymous way for users to post online confessions, is now facing privacy questions from a U.S. senator after reports that it tracks locations of users and has shared their information with other companies.

    Written by Grant Gross25 Oct. 14 02:07
  • Senators ask Apple, Home Depot for information on breaches

    A recent data breach at retailer Home Depot and a leak of celebrity nude pictures from Apple's iCloud service raise questions about the companies' data security practices, two U.S. senators said Thursday.

    Written by Grant Gross12 Sept. 14 05:27
  • Tech industry groups ask US Senate to 'swiftly pass' NSA curbs

    Tech industry organizations have written a letter to leaders in the U.S. Senate, to ask them to swiftly pass the USA Freedom Act, legislation that is expected to end the collection of bulk domestic phone data by the National Security Agency.

    Written by John Ribeiro09 Sept. 14 16:49
  • Senator questions airlines' data privacy practices

    A senior U.S. senator is asking airlines about their data privacy practices, saying he's concerned about what information the companies are collecting and sharing with third parties.

    Written by Grant Gross19 Aug. 14 05:35