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  • Transforming the workplace

    ICT executives discuss the impact of new collaboration tools on the enterprise, and the skills needed to succeed in this new environment, in a CIO roundtable with Spark Digital.

    Written by Divina Paredes19 Dec. 14 09:36
  • Microsoft Lync to play nice with Cisco, Android

    Microsoft is accommodating Cisco conferencing systems and Android tablets to help make Microsoft Lync and Skype communications platforms able to connect any customers by voice, video, messaging and conferencing regardless of what device they use.

    Written by Tim Greene18 Feb. 14 17:19
  • Is it time to reappraise speech recognition systems?

    One April, 11 and a half years ago, Hollywood actor Richard Dreyfuss presented a new type of software that was going to 'revolutionise business'. He had been paid to host the launch of Dragon's NaturallySpeaking application, which could faultlessly translate spoken words into text. If this worked, we could chuck away our keyboards. Productivity would multiply. Dragon would become the new Microsoft and a new era of IT would dawn.
    And work it did too -- in the demonstration. But not everything about the event was quite so well stage-managed. New York was suffering its worst ever blizzard and few made it through the snow. One year later, founders Janet and Jim Baker hadn't found the mass market they may have anticipated. That year, a Belgian firm called Lernout & Hauspie introduced Voice-Express, another desktop speech software product that could potentially free us all from the tyranny of crouching over a keyboard, ruining our posture and giving ourselves RSI. In a demo, it even outperformed the world's fastest typist.

    Written by Nick Booth18 Nov. 08 22:00
  • In synch now

    Accenture always had an interest in video conferencing. Employees debate about the exact date when the first camera and monitor landed in a meeting room, but by most accounts, Accenture has tried to add video conferencing to its arsenal of collaborative technologies since the early 1990s. However, due to lagging technology, video conferencing never resonated as the world's largest consulting firm might have hoped.
    Television monitors, with bad pictures and big cameras mounted on top of them, didn't cut it. When conversing, meeting participants often had to look straight into a camera, rather than at a person; the camera's presence would dominate the experience and cause the person to forget what it took to run a good meeting, to collaborate on work projects. "The technology, historically, had great promise," says Frank Modruson, CIO at Accenture. "But the delivery didn't live up to expectations."

    Written by C.G. Lynch12 Nov. 07 22:00
  • Web technology provides consultant with global reach

    E-consulting company Theandb is an example of globalisation at work and how the use of technology can compete with much larger companies - and even compete overseas.
    The business is based in Sydney, NSW, although its two principals, Agnes Ponthus and Bjoern Schliebitz, are respectively French and German.

    Written by Alexandra Cain30 Sept. 07 22:00