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  • Apigee adds some Swagger to API design

    For developers who want to expose their Web applications to other computers and Internet services, API platform vendor Apigee is offering a free online tool to help create APIs using the increasingly popular Swagger API specification.

    Written by Joab Jackson22 May 15 06:36
  • Ractive aims to bring Web programming to the masses

    The developers of a JavaScript library for building interactive user interfaces are hoping their work will make Web programming more accessible for part-time programmers.

    Written by Joab Jackson28 Feb. 15 08:34
  • Google shares code to help server software digest HTTP/2

    Potentially offering a boost for web server software worldwide, Google has released as open source a framework for HTTP/2, the newly updated standard for transmitting Web pages and Web applications over the Internet.

    Written by Joab Jackson27 Feb. 15 08:40
  • IBM brings BlueMix platform services in-house

    The hybrid cloud will be the focus of this year's IBM Interconnect cloud computing conference, as the company rolls out new offerings designed to help enterprises extend their in-house operations.

    Written by Joab Jackson24 Feb. 15 04:13