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  • Heartbleed was a headache, but far from fatal

    It's been a month since the Heartbleed Bug set off a stampede to patch software in everything from network gear to security software as it quickly became evident that vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL encryption code had been very widely deployed.

    Written by Ellen Messmer09 May 14 07:11
  • Data breaches 9% more costly in 2013 than year before

    It cost U.S. companies hit by data breaches last year an average of $5.4 million to cope with the after-effects – up 9% from the year before, according to the ninth annual Ponemon Institute study published Monday.

    Written by Ellen Messmer05 May 14 15:04
  • New methods for addressing insider threats: A roundtable discussion

    Technology advances have made it easier to detect subtle, anomalous end-user behavior, such as installation of unusual apps on endpoint devices, or suspicious deviations from baseline activity. This roundtable discussion examines methods to build monitoring, control and context into enterprise insider threat protection efforts – both when dealing with privileged users and regular employees.

    Written by John Dix17 March 14 20:10
  • Android-based malware: the good, the bad and the ugly

    When it comes to mobile devices, it's well known that malware writers like to target Android. But a threat report published by security firm F-Secure puts in perspective why Android malware attacks often flop and why Android itself is no pushover.

    Written by Ellen Messmer05 March 14 06:44
  • Five tips from a CIO on dealing with massive DDoS attacks

    LiveJournal is a social-media blogging site that attracts millions of users each month from across the globe, especially the U.S. and Russia. Owned by Moscow-based SUP Media, its website is hosted in a Montana data center, and according to Tim Turner, the firm's London-based CIO, LiveJournal regularly faces massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

    Written by Ellen Messmer29 Jan. 14 06:01
  • Cisco: Thousands of web hosting centers now launchpads for attacks

    Web hosting centers around the world are being compromised by cyber-criminals that use them to launch major attacks against business and government, says Cisco in its annual security report. This threat really gained full steam last year, the company says.

    Written by Ellen Messmer16 Jan. 14 05:20
  • Fortinet wireless security gateway can now track, entice shoppers

    Retail store managers would like to know, in real time, how many shoppers enter their premises and what they are likely interested in buying. Security firm Fortinet, which makes the FortiGate threat-management gateways that include a wireless access point, says its gear can now pick up the presence of shoppers' smartphones in order to provide retailers a real-time view of where shoppers go in stores.

    Written by Ellen Messmer13 Jan. 14 06:11
  • NSA critic Bruce Schneier joins security firm Co3 as CTO

    The network security industry's legendary free thinker Bruce Schneier Monday said he's taken a job as CTO at Co3 Systems, but that this in no way will curtail his determination to speak and write candidly on important topics such as the National Security Agency's (NSA) practices.

    Written by Ellen Messmer06 Jan. 14 17:04
  • Secure Cloud Gateway: Using the Internet to Fight Cyber-Attacks

    Today's security platforms, which are plagued by reactive intelligence, gaps in enforcement, and the inability to integrate the two, can't keep up. This has paved the way for a new category of cyber-security platform called a Secure Cloud Gateway (SCG).

    Written by Dan Hubbard, Chief Technology Officer, OpenDNS20 Dec. 13 17:04