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  • Juniper vs. Palo Alto Networks: Firewall court battle set to begin

    Call it the fist fight over firewalls for 2014. Juniper Networks is going for a knock-out against rival Palo Alto Networks in a patent-dispute lawsuit related to next-generation firewalls that's set to go to trial in Delaware in February. And Palo Alto wants to take out Juniper in its own separate patent lawsuit.

    Written by Ellen Messmer19 Dec. 13 15:05
  • IT security chiefs can make big bucks but are they happy?

    The top IT security chiefs make salaries that can run over $1 million per year, but are they happy? Ponemon Institute, which interviewed about 700 security professionals in the top IT security spot at their companies to find out, learned they make big bucks but the job often feels stressful and isolated.

    Written by Ellen Messmer17 Dec. 13 20:33
  • Cloud Security Alliance offers ultra-high cloud security plan

    The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is putting forward an innovative encryption-based security architecture for software-defined networks and cloud environments that draws some of its inspiration from high-security networks used by the U.S. Department of Defense and intelligence agencies.

    Written by Ellen Messmer06 Dec. 13 15:28
  • Top signs that you've been breached

    Because data is often the most valuable corporate asset - especially when customer information is concerned - staying alert for potential compromise is a critical IT job. Unfortunately, looking into a potential data breach is not easy.

    Written by Barry Shteiman, Director, Security Strategy, Imperva26 Nov. 13 23:09
  • A five-pillar survival guide for an insecure cyber world

    Here are five pillars to consider in rethinking your approach to data security in a cyber-environment in which both values and risks increase daily.

    Written by Bob Brammer, Chief Strategy Officer, Brainloop11 Oct. 13 22:05
  • Seven IT security skills certifications on the rise

    A number of IT security skills certifications requiring candidates to pass exams have sharply gained in terms of demand and pay value, according to a new Foote Partners report.

    Written by Ellen Messmer19 Aug. 13 20:14