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News about Year End 2015
  • What's ahead for Windows 10: Needed upgrades, forced updates

    Windows 10 was the biggest news story out of Microsoft in 2015, and looking forward to the coming year, it’s slated to continue as one of the pillars of the company’s business. Here's what to expect.

    Written by Blair Hanley Frank29 Dec. 15 17:00
  • What we learned about 5G in 2015

    The much-anticipated 5G mobile standard won't be finished until 2020, but the people who'll make it happen were busy throughout 2015 trying to define it.

    Written by Stephen Lawson23 Dec. 15 03:13
  • 5 ways 2015 changed enterprise software forever

    Looking back over the forces that shaped enterprise software over the course of this year, a few promise to have a particularly enduring impact.

    Written by Katherine Noyes18 Dec. 15 19:27
Features about Year End 2015
  • Looking back on 2015, Microsoft's biggest year ever

    Looking back on 2015, it’s in the running to be one of Microsoft’s biggest on record. The company made several major product announcements, and making a number of big bets on its future.

    Written by Blair Hanley Frank23 Dec. 15 00:51