ZTE's Quartz smartwatch: A good idea hindered by its OS

ZTE's Quartz smartwatch packs 3G connectivity and a big battery in a more affordable package, but an underdeveloped network and operating system are keeping the watch from reaching its full potential.

Written by Magdalena Petrova25 April 17 03:41

CIO upfront: Why AI will enhance, not replace NZ workers

AI can be deployed any time there is an opportunity to replace manual human work with mechanical, autonomous machines and technology. This is why we should embrace it, writes Abdul Razack of Infosys.

Written by Edited by Divina Paredes24 April 17 07:00

There's now a tool to test for NSA spyware

Has your computer been infected with a suspected NSA spying implant? A security researcher has come up with a free tool that can tell.

Written by Michael Kan22 April 17 10:47

Bringing AI to enterprise integration

SnapLogic's new Iris technology uses artificial intelligence to power an enterprise integration assistant designed to help business users, analysts and developers connect data, applications and processes.

Written by Thor Olavsrud22 April 17 07:15

Phishing attacks using internationalised domains are hard to block

The latest version of Google Chrome restricts how domain names that use non-Latin characters are displayed in the browser in response to a recently disclosed technique that could allow attackers to create highly credible phishing websites.

Written by Lucian Constantin22 April 17 03:11

Users' orders: Make it easier to build hybrid clouds

At its spring conference next week, the Open Networking User Group will focus on enterprises extending their infrastructure to create hybrid clouds, a process the group says is too hard and too time-consuming.

Written by Stephen Lawson22 April 17 02:43

Researchers build a microprocessor from flexible materials

Researchers have built a primitive microprocessor out of a two-dimensional material similar to graphene, the flexible conductive wonder material that some believe will revolutionize the design and manufacture of batteries, sensors and chips.

Written by Peter Sayer22 April 17 02:36

Fake heads and robot probes: testing smartphones prior to launch

On the shelves of a laboratory near San Francisco sit tanks and tanks of mysterious looking liquids. It's the Silicon Valley offices of UL, a product testing organisation previously known as Underwriters Laboratory, and these liquids play an important part in smartphone safety.

Written by Martyn Williams21 April 17 09:41

US FCC ends price caps on many business data lines

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has voted to deregulate the providers of the business data lines connecting broadband service to many small businesses, schools, hospitals, and ATM machines.

Written by Grant Gross21 April 17 03:06

OK Google, let's get personal

A hotly anticipated upgrade to Google Home will let users train the company’s virtual assistant to recognize different voices and provide personalized responses to each person.

Written by Blair Hanley Frank21 April 17 02:45