NZ Racing Board deploys Promapp software

Staff will be able to suggest process updates and quickly implement improvements, boosting overall efficiency and productivity, says Simon Bunt, head of programme management office at NZRB.

Written by CIO New Zealand26 April 18 18:54

The hidden truths of IT’s gender pay gap

The gender pay gap in IT is real. But delve deeper into the data, and the underlying reasons for pay inequity — discrepancies in roles, leadership and opportunities — come to light.

Written by Sharon Florentine25 April 18 03:19

Why CIOs should practice running IT like a CEO

If you’re a functional CIO who wants to take the leap to become a business leader, the key is to take action. Behave as if you are in the business leader role before you have it.

Written by Christie Struckman24 April 18 14:25

10 tips to minimize IoT security vulnerabilities

Online Trust Alliance spells out best practices for testing, purchasing, networking and updating IoT devices to make them and the enterprise more secure.

Written by Jon Gold21 April 18 05:18

Wintec strengthens cybersecurity course

First school in NZ to offer network security programme from Fortinet on managing new and advanced cyber threats

Written by CIO New Zealand20 April 18 12:16

Innovative CIOs make shift to managing IT as a product

Aping Silicon Valley technology startups, enterprises are revamping their organizations from project-based IT service delivery to product-oriented technology supported by agile development and iterative release cycles.

Written by Clint Boulton19 April 18 20:00

11 bad hiring habits that will burn you

From dragging out the process to missing red flags, missteps in the hiring process can lead to talent shortages, retention issues and mismatches that often derail team cohesion and productivity.

Written by Paul Heltzel16 April 18 20:00

The CIO coach

I’ve had an amazing career over 19 years as a chief information officer across Australia, Japan, USA, China and the Asia Pacific. This has included roles in the insurance, banking and pharmaceuticals sectors, and during this time I’ve met thousands of CIOs at the global, regional and country level.

Written by David Gee16 April 18 10:46

Machine learning is the ‘new normal’

In the future, machine learning will be part of the business model, says Olivier Klein, head of emerging technologies at Amazon Web Services

Written by Divina Paredes16 April 18 06:45
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