What the latest iOS passcode hack means for you

Cellebrite, an Israeli-based forensics company, claims it has advanced its hacking technology to include Apple's iOS 12.3 and 'high-end Android' devices.

Written by Lucas Mearian19 June 19 07:25

Facebook is going into the banking business with blockchain

The social media powerhouse plans to launch a blockchain-based financial network and cryptocurrency in 2020 that will allow users to make purchases or transfer funds with just a couple taps on an app.

Written by Lucas Mearian19 June 19 04:59

What I learned from being ‘customer zero’

Julie Canepa, CIO Australia and New Zealand at Cisco, on why today’s ICT teams need to become ‘customer and outcome obsessed’ and co-innovate with the business

Written by Divina Paredes18 June 19 07:00

The Complete Guide to Quantum Computing

Despite the title of this report, this is anything but a ‘complete guide’ to quantum computing considering that the technology is notoriously hard to comprehend, even for top academics in the field.

Written by By Scott Carey18 June 19 02:45

At JPL, IT ‘dares mighty things’

Best Places to Work in IT 2019: The Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s tech workers are given tools to ‘solve difficult problems that no one else has solved.’

Written by Mary K. Pratt17 June 19 20:00

DNS hijacking grabs headlines, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg

DNS pioneer Paul Vixie contemplates missed opportunities for improving internet security and advocates for widespread use of DNSSEC, which he helped create, and which he believes would go a long way toward improving DNS security.

Written by Andrada Fiscutean17 June 19 20:00

Why the Huawei ban is bad for security

Many believe the ban on exporting U.S. technology to Chinese company Huawei could hurt American tech vendors and do little to mitigate supply chain threats.

Written by Cynthia Brumfield13 June 19 20:00