Seizing on Huawei's troubles, Samsung bets big on network gear

Potential customers are taking notice of Samsung's efforts to reinvent itself as a top-tier supplier for 5G wireless networks and bridge a big gap with market leader Huawei and industry heavyweights Ericsson and Nokia.

Written by Reuters16 Feb. 19 05:37

5 AI myths that need to be dispelled: Gartner

IT and business leaders developing AI projects must separate reality from myths to devise their future strategies, says Alexander Linden of Gartner

Written by Divina Paredes14 Feb. 19 12:17

Huawei: we welcome security scrutiny

Chinese technology giant Huawei has said that it welcomes the scrutiny that it has experienced over the past couple of years.

Written by By Tamlin Magee13 Feb. 19 07:20

How to keep your job after a merger

Mergers and acquisitions are a fact of life for CIOs, so embrace these changes as opportunities to grow your career and organisation

Written by Ivar Berntz13 Feb. 19 06:15

What is biometrics? And why collecting biometric data is risky

Biometric authentication uses physical or behavioral human characteristics to digitally identify a person to grant access to systems, devices or data. It has the potential to make authentication dramatically faster, easier and more secure than traditional passwords, but companies need to be careful about the biometric data they collect.

Written by Maria Korolov12 Feb. 19 22:00

New CIO for Downer

Starts new role in March

Written by Divina Paredes12 Feb. 19 07:00