SSA acquires Elevon

SSA Global Technologies has completed its acquisition of Elevon, a global provider of advanced e-business and collaborative commerce solutions for medium and large-sized customers.
Pursuant to this transaction, SSA GT has acquired 100 percent ownership of Elevon for an aggregate price of approximately US$20,466,458 in cash.

Written by News13 Sept. 03 22:00

Oracle acquisition-happy

Oracle Corp. executives have repeated that more takeovers could follow the company's bid for PeopleSoft Inc.
"We'd be interested in buying almost anything," Oracle Chairman and CEO Larry Ellison said at a meeting with financial analysts at his company's Redwood Shores, Calif., headquarters. That is if the price is right, and "almost anything" has its exclusions, Ellison said.

Written by Network World US Staff13 Sept. 03 22:00

Interview: Users starting small on wireless applications

As vice-president of internet and wireless services at Nextel Communications, Greg Santoro's duties include managing the rollout of the corporate wireless data services the Reston, Va., company announced last year. Santoro spoke with Computerworld US about the status of that offering and other issues in the wireless market.
Are the economy and tight IT budgets making it hard for you to convince companies to invest in wireless services?

Written by Craig Stedman13 Sept. 03 22:00

Oracle to embrace grid computing in upgrades

Oracle has taken the wraps off the next generation of its flagship database, which is being upgraded to support more extensive clustering and grid-computing capabilities.
Oracle this week wouldn't disclose full details about the upcoming release. But Robert Shimp, the vendor's vice president of database marketing, said features will be added to make it easier for users to exploit grid computing models, in which applications are run across large numbers of relatively inexpensive servers.

Written by Marc L. Songini13 Sept. 03 22:00

Oracle to beef up management of its products

Oracle is enhancing its database and application software architecture to assist IT personnel in running ever larger systems with less effort.
Database staff using the Oracle Enterprise Manager product will in the future be able to aggregate multiple databases and other Oracle-based systems in a single browser-based view and be able to rapidly drill down and do problem solving, said Andrew Mendelsohn, senior vice president, database and application server technologies, at Oracle. Mendelsohn gave a keynote address here to the members of the International Oracle Users Group at the annual IOUG Live! 2003 database users conference.

Written by Marc L. Songini13 Sept. 03 22:00

Offshore's rise is relentless

Offshore outsourcing is so mainstream that by next year, more than 80 percent of U.S. companies will have had high-level discussions about the topic. And 40 percent will have completed some kind of pilot program or will be using near-shore or offshore services.
Despite that assessment, made by Gartner Inc. at an outsourcing conference here this week, offshore outsourcing remains a difficult issue for executives to talk about. In fact, many attendees were skittish about responding to questions for this article, except in the most general terms.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau13 Sept. 03 22:00

SSA acquires Ironside Technologies

SSA Global Technologies has announced acquired Ironside Technologies, a leader in business-to-business electronic commerce solutions for the manufacturing and distribution markets.
The company's proven sell-side and buy-side e-commerce solutions will extend and strengthen SSA's existing product portfolio and become important components of its customer relationship and supplier relationship strategies.

Written by News13 Sept. 03 22:00

Public Wi-Fi percolates

Wi-Fi surfing from a moving vehicle is still elusive in the US, but hot spots are nearly everywhere: in airports and hotels, burger joints and coffee bars--and the folks building them say to expect more wireless options soon.
Building more access points will nurture Wi-Fi usage, panelists agreed at the IWireless World conference in Los Angeles. Discussing Wi-Fi's progress and future were Maurice Marks, chief technical officer for Hewlett-Packard Co.'s Network and Service Provider Business; Dave Hagan, president of wireless services provider Boingo Wireless Inc.; and Lovina McMurchy, director of wireless services for Starbucks Corp. The java giant has led retailers in implementing wireless broadband services in many of its coffee shops, and the service is becoming a trend.

Written by Frank Thorsberg13 Sept. 03 22:00

Building a future on storage networks

Despite its dull exterior and lackluster reputation, storage is actually more exciting than any other area of IT. Imagine -- or remember -- standing in the shoes of a new CTO who's facing the technical challenges and business demands of your new job. Defining a winning enterprise storage strategy may well be your single most important achievement toward steering your company to a more effective use of technology and greater competitiveness in the global market.

Written by Mario Apicella26 Aug. 03 22:00

Microsoft rolls out network-attached storage kit

Microsoft has introduced Windows Storage Server 2003 - a technology formerly known as Windows Powered Network Attached Storage (NAS) - and the Server Appliance Kit.
The kit helps vendors create NAS appliances that use an embedded version of Windows Server 2003.

Written by Deni Connor26 Aug. 03 22:00

EMC introduces 'metered' storage

EMC has introduced a remote storage metering device that's designed to allow its biggest customers to install standby storage and network bandwidth capacity and pay only for what they use.
EMC said its OpenScale Automated Billing appliance is being offered as part of its OpenScale storage asset and financial management program. First introduced in 1999, the OpenScale program has been limited to 50 to 100 EMC customers because its manual reporting process required field engineers to visit customer sites to determine how much storage was being used.

Written by Lucas Mearian26 Aug. 03 22:00

Microsoft's Allchin on the Longhorn timetable

Longhorn is the code name for the next version of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system, and the company often refers to the "Longhorn time frame" when discussing Windows and various associated products. But company officials have gotten increasingly sketchy about just when that time frame is. During an interview last week with Computerworld US, Jim Allchin, group vice-president of platforms, confirmed that the target date for the next version of the Windows client operating system is still sometime in 2005. Allchin also discussed the philosophy behind the company's operating system plans as well as the next service pack for Windows XP, which is due next year.
Excerpts from the interview:

Written by Carol Sliwa26 Aug. 03 22:00

No new service pack for Win XP until late next year

Microsoft won't release a second service pack for Windows XP until the second half of next year, giving users more responsibility for applying individual patches and updates.

Written by Joris Evers18 Aug. 03 08:36

Printers, cameras dominate new HP products

A bevy of new printers, scanners, digital cameras, and home entertainment devices have been announced by HP as it gears up for the holiday season.

Written by Tom Krazit12 Aug. 03 12:24

Oracle extends deadline in PeopleSoft buyout bid

Facing a regulatory roadblock, Oracle Corp. has extended by a month the deadline for its US$7.3 billion hostile offer for rival PeopleSoft Inc.

Written by Marc L. Songini12 Aug. 03 08:00

Inadequate IT contributed to 9/11 intelligence failure

An antiquated IT infrastructure and cultural turf battles among the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and various intelligence agencies resulted in a lack of information sharing and analysis that contributed to the national security community's failure to head off the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, according to the results of a congressional investigation.

Written by Dan Verton25 July 03 12:11

Gates: Longhorn to come with server and Office updates

Microsoft Corp. is preparing Office and server products to accompany the launch of Longhorn, the successor to Windows XP, Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates said Thursday, reigniting speculation about a server version of Longhorn.

Written by Joris Evers25 July 03 08:15

Sun pushes consolidation strategy

Sun Microsystems last week laid out a road map for its storage and IT services strategy, saying it will offer multivendor storage management technology and focus on helping IT managers consolidate the servers and storage devices in their data centers.

Written by Lucas Mearian14 July 03 07:57

PeopleSoft users fear forced database move

Some PeopleSoft users fear that in addition to putting their business application investments at risk, Oracle Corp.'s US$6.3 billion bid to buy PeopleSoft Inc. could force them to migrate to Oracle's database.
Oracle supports its own E-Business Suite applications only on its namesake databases. But an Oracle spokeswoman said that the company wouldn't force PeopleSoft users who rely on rival databases such as DB2 or SQL Server to switch technologies and that all existing PeopleSoft applications would be supported for at least 10 years.

Written by Marc L. Songini13 July 03 22:00

CA WORLD - Focus to be on security, on-demand technologies

As it tries to cope with the continuing lull in IT spending, Computer Associates International Inc. is expected to make big pushes on security and on-demand computing technology at its annual user conference next week.
Among the announcements expected at CA World 2003 in Las Vegas is the release of the company's eTrust Security Command Center software, a portal-based product that will let IT staffers centrally manage security applications from different vendors across a variety of systems. CA detailed its plans for the portal technology last September.

Written by Marc L. Songini13 July 03 22:00