Samsung develops flash-based 'disk' for PCs

Samsung Electronics has developed a replacement for conventional hard-disk drives that is based on flash memory chips. The company plans to begin mass production of the device in August, it said on Monday.

Written by Martyn Williams24 May 05 08:49

Startup promises unlimited computing power

A handful of former Nortel executives have launched a company they claim combines telecommunications-class networking with high-performance computing to create a nearly unlimited pool of server resources that can grow and shrink in response to application demands.

Written by John Fontana24 May 05 07:25

SAPPHIRE US - Analysis: Agassi: For and against open source

While one software visionary wonders how to get young people interested in developing dry business application software, another may have the solution: open source.
"If I could just find a way to get a 22-year-old kid passionate about processes and the improvement of manufacturing and things of this nature, that would be great," said SAP AG board member Shai Agassi, who is responsible for the company's product and technology group. Agassi discussed the company's flagship ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, new Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA) and more in an interview at the company's Sapphire user event in Boston.

Written by John Blau23 May 05 22:00

Gates: Information trade key for businesses

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates outlined a vision of companies being able to share information more effectively both internally and with suppliers by using present and future collaborative software.

Written by Chris Conrath23 May 05 10:16

Target marketing via RFID to debut in Seattle

Some cafes and retail stores in Seattle next week will begin individually marketing products and services to bypassers in Seattle using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology.

Written by Johan Bostrom23 May 05 08:33

Study: Insider revenge often behind cyberattacks

Companies hoping to mitigate their exposure to insider attacks need to ensure they have good password, account and configuration management practices, as well as the right processes in place for disabling network access when employees are terminated.

Written by Jaikumar Vijayan23 May 05 08:22

National Australia Bank begins SOA adventure

Implementing a service oriented architecture (SOA) may be a strategic direction for enterprises with disparate systems, but the National Australia Bank Ltd. is now deploying its first production application built on top of an SOA.
Chris Tham, National Australia Bank's head of architecture for technology distribution, told Computerworld Australia the key SOA initiative at the bank is a financial planning tool for advisers and employees.

Written by Rodney Gedda22 May 05 22:00

Microsoft reveals more details on 'Office 12'

Microsoft is beginning to release more details of the next generation of its productivity software, code-named Office 12, emphasizing tools for greater collaboration, information discovery and content management.

Written by Scarlet Pruitt20 May 05 08:01

Samsung develops 40-inch OLED prototype

Samsung Electronics has developed what it says is the world's first organic light emitting diode (OLED) display that measures 40-inches across the diagonal.

Written by Martyn Williams20 May 05 07:26

MIT's Negroponte expects $100 laptops next year

An ambitious plan by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Media Lab to develop and distribute a laptop computer costing no more than US$100 is expected to take a major step forward shortly with the receipt of the first order.
Orders from five or six countries, for a total of 6 million machines, are hoped for before a full pilot project can begin, said Nicholas Negroponte, chairman of the MIT Media Lab, in an interview in Tokyo. The basic aim of the project is to provide a laptop for every child, supplied though any country that wants to offer them.

Written by Martyn Williams16 May 05 22:00

Sun, Microsoft highlight collaboration work

More than a year after they buried the hatchet and announced a collaboration agreement, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems spoke at an event Friday about their work together, including steps toward addressing what Sun called customers' top request: single sign-on between Microsoft's Windows Server and Sun's Solaris operating system and Java Enterprise System.

Written by Stacy Cowley and Joris Evers16 May 05 08:10

SAP digs in as Oracle revs up

It's become a two-horse race between SAP and Oracle as the two dominant enterprise application vendors vie for greater share of customers' IT budgets. SAP holds a commanding lead over Oracle in terms of market share, but the latter is increasing its efforts to narrow the gap.

Written by Ann Bednarz16 May 05 08:05

Microsoft plans lean version of XP

Companies with aging PCs running old and often unsupported versions of Windows will get a stripped-down operating system option from Microsoft Corp. at an undetermined future date.
Microsoft this week confirmed plans to develop a lean version of Windows XP, code-named Eiger. The release will be targeted at government agencies and large businesses that are concerned about the security and manageability of PCs running Windows NT 4.0 and older versions of the operating system, said Barry Goffe, a group product manager for Windows client software.

Written by Carol Sliwa15 May 05 22:00

Australian e-health progress stalled by debate

Intellectualised debate is stalling progress towards a national electronic health records system, according to the MD of database specialist Intersystems Australia.

Written by Michael Crawford13 May 05 14:45

SAPPHIRE - SAP digs in as Oracle revs up

It's become a two-horse race between SAP and Oracle as the two dominant enterprise application vendors vie for greater share of customers' IT budgets. SAP holds a commanding lead over Oracle in terms of market share, but the latter is increasing its efforts to narrow the gap.
At its annual North American user conference in Boston, SAP is expected to further detail its progress migrating its technology to a service-oriented architecture -- what it has dubbed Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA).

Written by Ann Bednarz12 May 05 22:00

JetBlue picks SAP for major ERP rollout

Rapidly growing airline JetBlue Airways said this week it has selected SAP's ERP (enterprise resource planning) software as the foundation for its new back-office systems project, a multimillion-dollar initiative to replace a patchwork of more limited applications.

Written by Stacy Cowley12 May 05 09:09

Microsoft to simplify licensing lingo

Aiming to make the licensing terms for its products less complex, Microsoft plans to publish in July a shortened and simplified version of its "Product Use Rights" document.

Written by Joris Evers12 May 05 08:39

Toshiba expands HD-DVD capacity to 45GB

Toshiba has developed a prototype HD-DVD disc that increases the format's storage capacity by 50 per cent and brings it much closer to that of the rival Blu-ray Disc.

Written by Martyn Williams12 May 05 07:30

Case Study: Canadian university studies integration

The University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, is finished Phase I of its “Project Nova” -- an administration-app integration plan that should spell improved information sharing among the school’s various departments. But according to one project insider, it’ll be years before the university realizes the benefits of this massive endeavor.

Written by Stefan Dubowski11 May 05 22:00