Red Hat to launch Java app server

Red Hat is set to release its first Java application server at the LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco, broadening its business beyond the Linux open source operating system, industry sources said.
Red Hat Application Server will be sold on a subscription basis with services and support, in a similar pricing model to that which Red Hat uses for its Linux OS, according to the sources. Pricing is likely to also be announced Monday.

Written by James Niccolai29 July 04 22:00

Barrett tells Intel employees to shape up

After a year of missteps, processor delays and design problems, Intel Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Craig Barrett has called on the chip manufacturing giant to change its methods and improve the way it brings products to market, according to an internal memo posted to the company's corporate intranet and dated July 21.

Written by Robert McMillan29 July 04 08:37

CA to revive dormant database

Computer Associates International (CA) is looking to breathe new life into a long-quiet database and, in so doing, is gunning to make it perform better than Microsoft's SQL Server and Oracle's 10g.
CA plans to open source the Ingres database at LinuxWorld in San Francisco under its own CA Trusted Open Source License (CA-TOSL), CA executives revealed to InfoWorld last week during a meeting at CA headquarters here.

Written by Tom Sullivan28 July 04 22:00

Whatever happened to UnitedLinux?

UnitedLinux began with much energy and promise in May 2002, as four Linux vendors joined to to create a standardized, certified and robust enterprise-focused version of the open-source operating system.

Written by Todd R. Weiss28 July 04 14:33

Worldwide PDA market slump continues

Besieged by competition from mobile telephones and other wireless devices, worldwide shipments of handheld computing devices declined 2.2 per cent to 2.2 million units in the second quarter of 2004, down from 2.27 during the same quarter in 2003, according to research from IDC.

Written by Robert McMillan28 July 04 09:49

HD-DVD comes out fighting, launch in 2005

The HD-DVD (High Definition/High Density-DVD) next-generation optical disc format got a boost Monday with the announcement by Toshiba and NEC that they plan to launch compatible products next year and with word that a major Japanese content producer is backing the format.

Written by Martyn Williams27 July 04 08:57

New Sun group aims to stem Wall Street defections

Sun Microsystems has created a new group chartered with shoring up its business on Wall Street. Called the Capital Markets Group, it will be headed by 16-year Sun Veteran Stuart Wells, who will report directly to Sun President and Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Schwartz.

Written by Robert McMillan26 July 04 11:10

Microsoft to hire 7,000 people, looks to sell Slate

Microsoft says it plans to hire as many as 7,000 people in its current fiscal year and increase spending on research and development. The software maker also said it is talking to potential buyers for Slate, its online magazine.
The new hires will fill both newly created positions and jobs vacated by others, Microsoft said in a statement. About 3,000 people are expected to be hired in the Puget Sound area of Washington state, the location of the company's headquarters, and slightly less than 3,000 internationally, Microsoft said.

Written by Joris Evers25 July 04 22:00

Toshiba launches multimedia Qosmio notebooks

Toshiba has launched a new range of notebook personal computers that come optimised for audio and video functions and will be made available worldwide.

Written by Martyn Williams23 July 04 09:12

Siebel meets reduced expectations

Siebel Systems has released quarterly results in line with the reduced guidance it issued earlier this month, when it warned that weak end-of-quarter sales would result in less revenue than it had earlier forecast.
Siebel posted US$301.1 million in revenue, down 10 percent from last year. Revenue from license sales was $94.8 million, Siebel's lowest license sales total in several years.

Written by Stacy Cowley22 July 04 22:00

Court tosses bulk of SCO's DaimlerChrysler suit

The SCO Group has been dealt a setback in its quest to hold customers accountable for its copyright claims. On Wednesday, a Michigan judge granted a motion dismissing all but one of the software vendor's counts in its lawsuit with auto giant DaimlerChrysler, according to DaimlerChrysler spokeswoman Mary Gauthier.

Written by Robert McMillan22 July 04 14:25

Sun shows profit in preliminary earnings report

Sun Microsystems on Tuesday reported a profit of US$795 million or US$0.24 per share in the fourth quarter, compared with a loss of US$1.039 billion or US$0.32 per share in the same quarter of last year.

Written by Robert McMillan and James Niccolai21 July 04 08:00

3G - AT&T Wireless launches 3G in four cities

AT&T Wireless Services has launched a 3G (third-generation) mobile data service in Detroit, Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle, offering a claimed average of 220K bps (bits per second) to 320K bps of data throughput to two handset models and one type of modem.
The WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) technology is also being rolled out in San Diego and Dallas for expected commercial launch by the end of the year, the Redmond, Washington-based mobile operator said in a statement.

Written by Stephen Lawson20 July 04 22:00

First Windows CE virus emerges

A virus designed to demonstrate security holes in Microsoft's Windows CE operating system but not to cause damage was identified by security companies over the weekend.

Written by David Legard19 July 04 14:05

New SGI supercomputer to scale Linux to 1,024 CPUs

Silicon Graphics is building an Altix supercomputer for the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) that will run a single Linux operating system image across 1,024 Intel Itanium 2 processors and 3TB of shared memory.

Written by Todd R. Weiss19 July 04 08:07

Cisco lands large VoIP deal with Boeing

The Boeing Co. is expanding its IP telephony rollout to its entire enterprise and will standardize on Cisco IP telephony equipment, the two companies announced this week.

Written by Phil Hochmuth14 July 04 07:29

Microsoft pushes OS updates to fight attacks

Microsoft is pushing out changes that will alter the configuration of its Windows 2000, XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems to help customers fight off attacks, detected last week, that use Web pages running Internet Information Server (IIS) as launching pads for malicious computer code.

Written by Paul Roberts05 July 04 09:00

Oracle merger case moves to next stage

The final witnesses were called Thursday in the U.S. government's case to block Oracle's hostile US$7.7 billion bid for rival PeopleSoft, ending a month-long trial that has revealed much about the mechanics of the enterprise software industry.

Written by Joris Evers05 July 04 08:57

Oracle shopping spree shelves users

As the litigious saga of Oracle Corporation's attempt to take over PeopleSoft yields a near-daily list of salacious ambitions from the vendor community and media alike, Australian IT users caught up in the fray seem to be taking it all in their stride.

Written by Julian Bajkowski02 July 04 09:19