PeopleSoft offer is in self-defense, Ellison says

Oracle wants to buy PeopleSoft to survive in a consolidating and increasingly competitive business applications market, Oracle Chief Executive Officer Larry Ellison testified in the U.S. government's case to block the proposed US$7.7 billion merger.

Written by Joris Evers01 July 04 14:57

Novell releases Mono 1.0

After three years of development, open source developers now have an alternative to Microsoft's .Net application development platform, thanks to Novell, which on Wednesday released version 1.0 of its Mono development platform.

Written by Robert McMillan01 July 04 07:55

Intel moves toward 64-bit

Intel will release a server version of its 64-bit extensions technology for its x86 platform in 60 days, and as users refresh their servers over the next two years, they will get 64-bit computing capability -- whether they want it or not. But analysts claim it remains uncertain whether application developers will give users a reason to take advantage of this 64-bit computing capacity.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau01 July 04 07:20

Court shoots down Massachusetts appeal

A U.S. appeals court has rejected an effort by the commonwealth of Massachusetts and two IT industry groups to overturn the antitrust settlement between the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Microsoft Corp.
The ruling rejects appeals by the commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA) and the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), which argued that the November 2002 antitrust settlement between Microsoft and the DOJ was not in the public interest.

Written by Grant Gross30 June 04 22:00

Sun's McNealy chides Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat

Sun Microsystems Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy at the 2004 JavaOne conference in San Francisco on Tuesday extended an open invitation to Microsoft and Linux OS vendor Red Hat to join the Java Community Process (JCP), and also stressed that Sun, which has struggled financially lately, is not going away.

Written by Paul Krill30 June 04 14:54

Linux finds Irish banking champion

Linux has found another powerful champion in the form of Allied Irish Banks PLC (AIB) which has just signed a deal with Sun to switch its 7,500 branches' desktops from Windows to the Linux-based Java Desktop System (JDS). Sun Microsystems Inc. also announced that the government of New South Wales, Australia, will shift 1,500 users from Windows to its software.

Written by Matthew Broersma30 June 04 08:33

Linux vendors tackle security holes

Linux vendors have begun releasing fixes for two critical security bugs in a networking component that could allow a denial-of-service attack or enable an attacker to take control of a system.

Written by Matthew Broersma24 June 04 08:27

Skype comes to Linux

Skype Technologies made available a first test version of its Internet telephony application for Linux on Monday, 10 months and more than 14 million downloads after releasing the first version for Windows.

Written by Joris Evers22 June 04 08:50

Microsoft upgrades Great Plains ERP apps

Microsoft this week will announce an upgrade of its Great Plains ERP suite that's designed to be easier to use and more tightly integrated with the company's Office and end-user portal software.

Written by Marc L. Songini22 June 04 08:25

Cisco set to unleash security plan

Cisco Systems this week will announce availability of its Network Admission Control security technology for Cisco routers, and lay out a road map for adding NAC capabilities to its lines of LAN switches.

Written by Phil Hochmuth21 June 04 12:21

Wal-Mart promises RFID will benefit suppliers

Wal-Mart Stores wrapped up its three-day RFID event for suppliers this week with additional RFID product tag compliance dates for tier one and tier two suppliers and some optimistic words about the benefits of RFID for its supplier network.

Written by Ephraim Schwartz21 June 04 08:03

Keep it simple

One of the hardest things about computer security is making the so-called secure computers easy to use. Indeed, building computers that are both secure and usable is so difficult that many IT professionals believe that security and usability are antagonistic goals that must be balanced.

Written by Simson Garfinkel09 June 04 18:37

Microsoft, SAP say they considered merging

As part of its bid for a foothold in the enterprise applications market, Microsoft initiated merger discussions late last year with enterprise resource planning (ERP) leader, SAP. The talks ended several months ago after Microsoft decided the deal and the post-union integration would be too risky.

Written by Stacy Cowley08 June 04 16:03

Sun blogs show uncensored public face

On the morning of April 15, as Sun Microsystems was preparing to announce its quarterly earnings and a major executive management shuffle, the company was hit with a denial of service (DOS) attack that came within four minutes of blocking it from posting the news to the Web site on time.

Written by Robert McMillan07 June 04 07:15

Sun moves to subscription-based storage

Sun Microsystems will begin offering a subscription-based pricing model on its disk arrays that lets customers pay a monthly fee for use of the hardware plus storage management tools and ongoing technical support.
In addition, Sun announced its first disk array based on low-cost Serial ATA drives for secondary storage applications. The company also introduced a midrange array with enterprise-class features and said it plans to add a line of network-attached storage devices this fall through a reseller deal with Procom Technology Inc. in Irvine, Calif.

Written by Lucas Mearian05 June 04 22:00

Microsoft VP details Windows XP service pack plans

Microsoft Corp.'s latest security efforts are focused on Service Pack 2 for Windows XP, which is due shortly. Mike Nash, vice-president of Microsoft's security business and technology unit, recently discussed SP2 and the company's security strategy with Computerworld. Excerpts from the interview follow:
What guidance can you give IT pros about Windows XP Service Pack 2 breaking applications? Making sure that we're doing things to make XP SP2 compatible with key customer scenarios is a top priority for us. One of the things with the new firewall in Service Pack 2 is to make sure that it's compatible with more scenarios so that it can be turned on by default and left on by the customers.

Written by Carol Sliwa05 June 04 22:00

RSA focusing anew on the password problem

RSA Security is renewing its focus on improving the security of user passwords. The company has announced RSA Sign-On Manager, a rebranded version of its SecurID Passage product that it claims will make it easier for enterprises to manage user passwords.
The relaunched product will be available in the third quarter of this year and will be able to manage user log-ins for around 90 different enterprise applications using single sign-on technology licensed from Passlogix Inc. A new RSA technology called IntelliAccess will allow users to recover forgotten user names and passwords, saving expensive help desk calls, RSA said.

Written by Paul Roberts05 June 04 22:00

Delta to test RFID for parts tracking

Delta Air Lines plans to test the use of radio frequency identification tags to track engine parts next month in partnership with The Boeing Co., according to Marty Kansinger, Delta's general manager for materiel services.

Written by Bob Brewin04 June 04 08:30

BEA tries open-source tack with Workshop Java tool

BEA Systems plans to release the source code for part of its WebLogic Workshop Java development environment, a move that it hopes will spur wider use of the product and eventually steer more customers toward its WebLogic family of Java server software, the company said Wednesday.

Written by James Niccolai20 May 04 08:00