Delta to test RFID for parts tracking

Delta Air Lines plans to test the use of radio frequency identification tags to track engine parts next month in partnership with The Boeing Co., according to Marty Kansinger, Delta's general manager for materiel services.

Written by Bob Brewin04 June 04 08:30

BEA tries open-source tack with Workshop Java tool

BEA Systems plans to release the source code for part of its WebLogic Workshop Java development environment, a move that it hopes will spur wider use of the product and eventually steer more customers toward its WebLogic family of Java server software, the company said Wednesday.

Written by James Niccolai20 May 04 08:00

Bluetooth's sprawl heightens security concerns

Michael Ciarochi used to see Bluetooth as just a convenient way to hook up a keyboard to a laptop or PDA at HomeBanc Mortgage, where he's senior WAN/security engineer.
That was until he got a shipment of new laptops as part of a planned technology upgrade. Much to his surprise, each system came with a built-in Bluetooth radio, creating what he says amounted to a hidden window into any sensitive or confidential data that might be stored on the laptops' hard drives.

Written by John Cox19 May 04 22:00

Citrix shifts gears; users wary

Citrix Systems customers are welcoming the most recent release of the company's software products, but generally not for the reasons Citrix executives would like.
The company has been working to create a new market for its flagship MetaFrame Presentation Server, a program that displays applications on an array of computing devices while the applications run on server farms under Windows Terminal Services. Presentation Server is now one part of a package of four separate products, called the MetaFrame Access Suite. The idea is to use the suite to create a set of client/server programs that let end users connect to their applications from any device, over any network. Citrix calls this an "access management infrastructure."

Written by John Cox19 May 04 22:00

Novell releases first Mono beta

After months of delay, Novell expects to release a final version of its Mono software development platform by the end of next month, the company said, after releasing the first public beta of the Mono 1.0 software on a Web site earlier this week.

Written by Robert McMillan07 May 04 08:17

Intel planning shift toward mobile designs for chips

Over the next few years, Intel will shift its desktop processor architecture away from the power-hungry design that fuels the current Pentium 4 processor to a more power-efficient design that builds on the success of the Pentium M chip, sources familiar with Intel's plans said this week.

Written by Tom Krazit07 May 04 07:49

Siemens moves to merge telephony, data center

Telephony servers now emerging are set to transform enterprise phone systems into just one more service provided through the corporate data center.

Written by Stephen Lawson04 May 04 07:59

Gartner: Microsoft catches up to Palm in PDA OS market

Most personal digital assistant (PDA) users are introduced to the device through the Palm operating system, but Microsoft's Windows CE .Net family has pulled into a virtual tie with the pioneering PDA operating system (OS), according to first-quarter market share information from Gartner.

Written by Tom Krazit03 May 04 12:20

CEO Dunn's done, but what of Nortel?

Nortel Networks Corp. customers should stay put until the dust settles after the ouster of CEO Frank Dunn, users and analysts say.
Nortel as a company is not going away, observers say. The company is merely cleaning up its management ranks while it and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission continue investigating accounting practices that are forcing Nortel to restate financial results going back to 2000.

Written by Jim Duffy and Phil Hochmuth02 May 04 22:00

MS to further detail Web services for devices

Microsoft next week plans to detail the next steps it is taking to extend Web services to devices such as printers, digital cameras and consumer electronics.

Written by Joris Evers30 April 04 08:58

Google files IPO registration

Google has filed a registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an initial public offering (IPO) of common stock, putting the Internet search pioneer on its way to becoming a public company.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez30 April 04 08:55

Middleware allows Windows apps to run on Linux

A company based in The Philippines is claiming it has developed software that would allow Windows-based applications to run smoothly on Linux - paving the way for the production of more PCs preloaded with Linux instead of Windows.

Written by LinuxWorld staff27 April 04 15:24

CA names interim CEO, adds COO, restates earnings

Computer Associates (CA) has appointed board member, Kenneth Cron, its interim chief executive officer (CEO), and promoted recent recruit, Jeff Clarke, to chief operating officer (COO).

Written by Stacy Cowley27 April 04 11:38

Interview: CA's Barrenechea on exec shuffle, rebuts IBM

Mark Barrenechea, senior vice-president of product development at Computer Associates International, took issue with statements made about CA by Steve Mills, senior vice-president and group executive in charge of IBM's software business, in an interview. Barrenechea spoke with Computerworld US to rebut those comments and shed some light on the situation at CA in the wake of the ouster of CEO Sanjay Kumar.
Sanjay got a lot of the credit for improvements in customer satisfaction at CA. Why shouldn't users be concerned that with him out of the CEO position, CA might slide back into its old ways?

Written by Don Tennant26 April 04 22:00

Customers unworried about Computer Associates shakeup

Computer Associates International Inc.'s (CA's) management shake-up is unlikely to directly affect customers or dramatically change the company's products plans and strategy, customers and analysts said Wednesday in the wake of Sanjay Kumar's ouster as chairman and chief executive officer (CEO).

Written by Stacy Cowley22 April 04 08:19

US slips in e-business 'readiness'

The U.S. has slipped to sixth place in a worldwide ranking of e-business readiness, the worst showing since 2000, when the study was first conducted.
The major reason for the U.S. slip is its broadband per capita penetration of only 7 percent, according to the 2004 E-Readines Rankings, done by the The Economist Intelligence Unit in cooperation with IBM Corp.'s Institute for Business Value. South Korea leads the world in broadband penetration with 27 percent, according to the study.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez21 April 04 22:00

Sun-Microsoft pact whets users' appetites for more

The agreement between Sun Microsystems Inc. and Microsoft Corp. to improve interoperability was an essential step toward enabling broad adoption of technologies such as Web services and grid computing, users said last week. And they want other vendors to follow suit.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau14 April 04 08:51

Introducing 'Cooperative Linux' - Linux for Windows

A month ago, a trial version of a little-known Linux application called "CoLinux" was released that is the first working free and open source method for optimally running Linux on Microsoft Windows natively. It's the work of a 21 year-old Israeli computer science student and some Japanese open source programmers; in Israel, analysts are already saying it could help transform the software world.
Looks like the Israel Defence Force may have done it again. Already famous for spawning an entire generation of software geniuses now active in the world of wireless technologies, the IDF has now apparently incubated the technical talent capable of creating a project that could change the world: the ability to run Linux on Windows 2000/XP.

Written by LinuxWorld staff13 April 04 22:00

Microsoft eyes RFID opportunities

Emphasizing ambitions in RFID (radio frequency identification), Microsoft on Monday announced the formation of the Microsoft RFID Council, a multi-vendor group that will study requirements for Microsoft's software to participate in RFID data processing systems.

Written by Paul Krill06 April 04 08:09