Edge computing best practices

Edge computing requires a change in thinking from the current IT environment dominated by data centers and cloud-based services. Here are some best practices to consider when building a strategy for the edge.

Written by Bob Violino10 Jan. 19 22:00

Google Assistant will soon be your interpreter

Google Assistant will soon be able to act as an interpreter, acting as a go-between for natural conversations between initially 27 languages.

Written by Martyn Williams09 Jan. 19 07:48

Blockchain and cryptocurrency trends for 2019

Ten years ago, in 2008, shortly following the cataclysmic subprime mortgage crash, for some a beam of hope shone out: the promise of a completely decentralised monetary system, distinct from the irrationalities of the market and the destructive tendencies of government and banks 'too big to fail'. The insurgent idea, leaked quietly onto niche internet forums, was of course, bitcoin.

Written by By Laurie Clarke08 Jan. 19 03:10

Are you ready to leave your 4G world behind?

5G wireless network technology is set to boost the bandwidth, capacity and reliability of cellular broadband. Are you ready to leave your 4G world behind?

Written by John Edwards07 Jan. 19 22:09

CIO upfront: Blockchain and privacy – is encryption the solution?

One of the attractions of a blockchain platform is the immutability of data recorded on it, which seems to conflict with the right to erasure under the GDPR which allows an individual to have their personal information deleted. Russell McVeagh lawyers Liz Blythe, Michael Taylor, Rachel O'Brien and Zoe Sims write about how to resolve this tension.

Written by CIO New Zealand07 Jan. 19 06:30

Office of the future to open in Berlin

​Employees will not need a key to get into the office of the future when it opens in Berlin this year, featuring ample meeting space, plenty of copy machines always stocked with paper along with high-quality air processed to maximise worker health and minimise sick time.

Written by Reuters06 Jan. 19 16:13

Data belonging to German politicians published online in breach

Personal data and documents from hundreds of German politicians and public figures including Chancellor Angela Merkel have been published online in what appears to be one of Germany's most far-reaching data breaches.

Written by Reuters05 Jan. 19 13:20

5G and smart cities trends for 2019

The next generation cellular network 5G took off at a phenomenal rate over the past year, with major telecommunications and mobile operators rolling out tests and trials of the fifth generation mobile system.

Written by By Hannah Williams04 Jan. 19 15:23

How blockchain may kill the password

Blockchain technology is being piloted as the basis for self-sovereign identities, which can eliminate user names and passwords for logging into corporate sites or verify sensitive information such as income for purposes of a loan without revealing personally identifiable information.

Written by Lucas Mearian02 Jan. 19 22:01

Data science and AI predictions for 2019

Data science became the highest-paid IT profession in 2018, and the field is set for further growth in 2019 as the tools and techniques become more accessible and AI moves from hype to practical use cases.

Written by By Tom Macaulay02 Jan. 19 15:20

Cyber attack hits US newspaper distribution

A cyber attack caused major printing and delivery disruptions on Saturday at the Los Angeles Times and other major U.S. newspapers, including ones owned by Tribune Publishing Co such as the Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun.

Written by Reuters30 Dec. 18 17:09

Collaboration 2019: Teams, Slack and what’s coming

While Microsoft and Slack continue to battle it out at the top of the collaboration software market, a variety of forces could re-shape that fight in the year ahead.

Written by Matthew Finnegan28 Dec. 18 21:57

8 master data management certifications that will pay off

Individuals with expertise in master data management (MDM) are essential to helping organizations get the most out of their data and comply with regulations. Here are the MDM certifications that will give your career an edge.

Written by Thor Olavsrud27 Dec. 18 22:00
  • Four common misconceptions about data in the Public Cloud

    Microsoft may host the infrastructure for Office 365, but the ownership of your data in the cloud, its access, recoverability and transfer is your company’s obligation, not Microsoft’s.

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