The rise of ‘DARQ’ power

Organisations are setting their sights beyond digital transformation, and many realise they need new technology in their arsenal to succeed, writes Justin Gray of Accenture

Written by CIO New Zealand11 March 19 07:07

Managing cyber breaches gets more complicated

Cisco’s 2019 CISO Benchmark Study cites challenges in managing multiple vendors and inadequate cybersecurity training for staff

Written by Divina Paredes08 March 19 19:54

‘Data science provides an endless career pathway’

How the NZ data community - through the Women in Data Science - supports the global movement to build a pipeline of professionals for one of the most sought after skills in the digital era

Written by Divina Paredes08 March 19 13:00

Wireless spectrum shortage? Not so fast

There’s no shortage of the radio spectrum essential to wireless communications, thanks to greater spectral efficiency and improving regulatory policies. But vigilance is required.

Written by Craig Mathias07 March 19 22:00

Malicious URLs now rampant: study

Malicious URLs are now rampant problem according to a study which found they are contained in an average of one in every 61 emails.

Written by By Byron Connolly06 March 19 16:28

The inevitable and revolutionary future of IT

A radically different model will become the norm as competition, customers, employee experience, organisational structures, and leadership place exponentially higher demands on the IT organisation, writes Forrester analyst Sharyn Leaver

Written by Sharyn Leaver05 March 19 06:30

Huawei said to be preparing to sue US government - source

Such a move would be the latest in a series of responses from the Chinese company as Washington tries to persuade allies to ban Huawei from business alleging espionage risks. Huawei has repeatedly denied the claims.

Written by Reuters05 March 19 05:57

Do your homework first: Data, algorithms and human checkpoints

Before implementing AI, organisations should fully understand the technology, and where the key risk areas lie. These three key factors should be considered first, write Liz Blythe and Zoe Sims of Russell McVeagh

Written by CIO New Zealand04 March 19 06:30